Wednesday, April 25, 2012

55. Travel: Yosemite

My sister, Oakley, and her husband live in Yosemite. 

They have been begging us to come visit them there.  They wants to take us camping. 

I am not fond of camping.  Here's why:   

After a night of freezing my extremities, I do not want to see bear fangs at 6 AM. 

Here is what I would rather wake up to on vacation:  
I want to visit Yosemite and take advantage of all it has to offer, but more in a let-me-take-photos-of-everything-and-then-go-back-to-my-hotel kind of way. 
I have done some research and found out there is a lovely (and historic) hotel in Yosemite called The Ahwahnee Hotel: 
Here is the lobby:  
Here is the dining room:
Yeah, I think I'll stick with the hotel.  Sorry, Oakley. 


  1. I'm with you. My idea of roughing-it is Holiday Inn Express. But I could be talked into upgrading to the Ahwahnee.

  2. As much as I love camping, fangs at 6AM would definitely have me booking a hotel room. Especially at the Ahwahnee. That dining room is fantastic!!

  3. I need to move into that hotel! Holy cow that's gorgeous!

  4. Here's the thing about the Ahwahnee - it was built in the 1920'/30's. The guest rooms reflect that. TINY. and sometimes the bathroom is down the hall. Yosemite Lodge, which is also in the valley, is perfect. Contemporary and spacious rooms and great views and not as expensive as the Ahwahnee. And you can go to dinner at the Ahwahnee - they have a spectacular Sunday morning brunch there - beautiful dining room and public areas!

    1. aha! thanks for the tip! I am all over it. :)

      (I love my readers..............)


    2. Love your sense of humor.

  5. I found you through a.eye's shout out. Great writing. You cracked me up. I have always wanted to go to Yoesemite..I think the hotel you listed is the way to go! (I am sure I will need to save awhile...) My hubby don't camp and that is real camping not local Long Island camping that I do with no bears!


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