Monday, December 2, 2013

117. Not Your Typical Night

You see someone like that walk in, and honest to God, you do a double-take.  You catch him glancing in your general direction and you swoon.  Your girlfriends notice him too, they like his tush. 

When he finally comes over to you, what, twenty minutes later, you feel like you’re going to burst.  You are transported back to high school, make that junior high, wishing the captain of the football team would ask you out, or at least hold the door for you. 
This guy does better than that, he sits down and introduces himself.  He orders what you’re having, then proceeds to charm your girlfriends with some funny anecdote. 

You are not listening, you are naming your future children.  You have it bad for this guy. 
An hour goes by, maybe two, but it seems like only minutes.  The bar is closing but you cannot stand the idea of him leaving.  You are drawn to him, like a magnet. 

He whispers something to your friend; she laughs.  The kind of laugh where she throws her head back, like in the movies.  Then you realize he is interested in her. 
You are a fool. 

You excuse yourself to the ladies’ room and when you come back, they are gone.  They are all gone.  Your friends, the guy (Robert), even the waitresses.  The bartender tells you it is time to go.  It is like a bad dream. 
The lights click on full bright, and you stumble toward the front door.  When you get outside, the cold air assaults you like a splash of icy water.  You forgot your coat. 

You turn around to get it, and there he is—Robert—and he is holding your coat for you.  “Here,” he says, not unkindly, “let me help.” 
You love this story, this story of how you met and you thought he liked your friend.  Your friend raises a toast to you now at your 25th Anniversary Party, while you smile over at your husband, Robert.  

trifecta writing challenge/ exactly 333 words/ required word is "tush"