Tuesday, April 24, 2012

54. Travel: Xhausted

Why do I keep noticing keyboard imprints on my right cheek when I wake up? 

Traveling is exhausting.  I did it for 10 years. 

Here's what the experts say: 

Drink lots of water: 

Eat healthy food:

Try to stay awake in your new time zone:

But none of that works. 

Sometimes, what works best is to stay home for once. 



  1. Looks like a good place to stay!

  2. I like to travel, but I love to stay at home. :)

  3. i think sometimes traveling makes you appreciate home a lot more.

  4. I love to visit other places but don't like the getting there/getting back part so much, especially if it involves long flights. Thanks for stopping by my a - z. I'm following on both your blogs now.

  5. LOL... You are so far ahead in the A-Z Challenge.

    :) Love the kitten pic.


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