Wednesday, April 18, 2012

48. Travel: Russia

Back when it was still Russia, we went to Russia.  My step-mom Nichole is from there. 

We of course went to Moscow.  With all the golden domes everywhere, Moscow is like a Disneyland version of itself. 

The architecture is spectacular. 
Here’s this really beautiful place we went to called the …

... Moscow subway station.  I prayed there. 

And here's the local department store.  Gum's.

I wish the JCPenney's near my house looked like that. 

We went to the Russian ballet. 

We did the touristy things.  Here are some Russian spies that were chasing us down.

Just kidding.  They were British spies. 

Can't wait to go back to Russia! 



  1. ABSOLUTELY would LOVE to visit Moscow.

    Thanks for sharing the pics – and so glad you got away from the spies. ;)

  2. Those pictures don't look like a real place, they are beautiful! I never thought of visiting Russia before, but now I kind of want to go see it.

  3. VERY cool! Russia is not on the top of my list - think cold weather and unappealing food -- but what do I know! LOVE the golden domes.

  4. My first husband was half Russian. I loved the Russian food his mother and grandmother made: Chicken Kiev, Pelmeni, Pirozhki, Beef Stroganov, Borscht, Blini, Golubtsy. Yum!

    Your pictures are stunning!

  5. I've never visited Russia, but I've long wanted to. I will someday!

  6. I've never been but love the architecture. It's stunning! Would love to visit one day!

    Anna@Herding Cats & Burning Soup


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