Friday, August 30, 2013

108. Life's Great Mysteries

I drove past the gym,
It was a sunny day out,
Gym rats on treadmills.

(and here is a bonus haiku I dreamt up:)

Pancakes for breakfast!
Happy noise in the kitchen
Oops—out of syrup

(oh what the heck, have another!)

My feet are pounding
Running closer to my goal
Marathon next week!

(last one, I swear!)

Kids sleep, husband types.
I read my book undisturbed
A peaceful evening.

trifecta Haiku (by the way, the title only refers to the first haiku, which is the one I am entering for the trifecta challenge........... the others were just for fun)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

107. I Already Said Goodnight Two Hours Ago

Goodnight Moon,
Goodnight room,
Goodnight, I fake a smile,
Goodnight to the dirty laundry pile.
Goodnight toys, Goodnight boys,
Goodnight dear babes of mine,
Mommy really need a glass of wine.
(Now please.) 
put a twist on a classic bedtime story in 33 words:  trifecta

Saturday, August 17, 2013

106. Just a Simple Poem

Who came before
Who will be here after
Beyond the green door
We share familiar laughter

Nature reaches out
She whispers, never shouts
She holds me in her embrace
Kisses your angel face
trifecta writing challenge/ 33 words about a nature photo

Monday, August 12, 2013

105. A Story About Old Men, Donuts, Teenage Hearthrobs, and Why I Hate Fundraisers

When I was in eighth grade, we had to sell donuts for a school fundraiser.

My best friend Charlene and I knocked on the door of the first house.  No answer.  Nobody answered at the second house either.  This pattern repeated itself for the next 20 houses.  Finally someone opened her door.  Charlene recited the spiel. 

The woman hissed, “I’m diabetic,” then slammed the door.   

At another house, an elderly man answered. 

“Hello,” I squeaked, “Donuts for sale!” 

He took pity on us and wrote a check for five boxes.  He craned his neck to look past us.  “Where are the donuts?”

“We’ll deliver the donuts in three weeks,” explained Charlene with a fake smile.  “You pay now.” 

He grabbed the check back and ripped it up.  Wait for donuts?  What kind of scam is this?”  He tried to slam the door, but a ferret escaped.  He hobbled after it.

“Catch Doris!” he cried. 

Charlene chased that ferret like she was on Animal Control’s payroll.  This rude man was going to see what a helpful person Charlene really was, and what a big mistake he’d made.  The ferret ran up a tree and Charlene began to climb. 

This was the moment Kent Richenberg appeared.  Captain of the basketball team, on the student council, gorgeous. 

“Why is your friend in my grandpa’s tree?!?”

Charlene caught the ferret.  It looked like a cross between an ugly squirrel and a raccoon.  I was terrified.  Charlene shimmied down the tree, holding the ferret triumphantly by the scruff of its neck. 

“Thank you!” exclaimed Kent.  “Gramps loves that ferret!”

Before I could grasp what was happening, the ferret sprang out of Charlene’s hands and landed on me, taking a chunk of my flesh with its razor-sharp teeth. 

The next thing I remember, Kent, Charlene, Gramps, and neighbors who’d been hiding in their houses avoiding buying donuts, were hovering over me.  The ambulance arrived and I noticed blood covering my arm.

I was excused from selling donuts after that.    

trifecta writing challenge/ exactly 333 words/ required word is "grasp"

Saturday, August 10, 2013

104. Say "Cheese"

I made an appointment with a new dentist who came highly recommended.  When I met her, she chatted enthusiastically, revealing an almost-perfect smile. 

Wish someone warned me about the one rotten front tooth.    
trifecta writing challenge/ 33 words/ required word is "tooth"