Saturday, April 7, 2012

37. Travel: Great Wall of China

We arrived at the Great Wall late in the afternoon.  We were not the only ones.  I was surrounded by German, Japanese, Australian, and Russian tourists—their voices rising in an uncomfortable cacophony distracting from the beauty of the setting.  A short Chinese man pushed past me, holding his cheap camera out too far in front of his face.  He walked back, jostling me without apologizing.  I could tell he had not bathed any time recently, and I was overcome with the irrational desire to hand him a fresh bar of soap.  If I’d had one in my purse, I might have. 

My father and step-mom were whispering to each other and laughing.  I desperately wanted to be included in the conversation.    
“What?  What’s so funny?”   

Nicole turned to face me.  “I just told your dad that the bugs are so big here, it’s like they’re on steroids.  He said they were the ‘Great Insects of the Great Wall.’  Isn’t that hilarious?” 
I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I had interrupted them. 


this post represents a double challenge:  staying with my daily travel theme for the a to z challenge, as well as doing the weekend challenge with trifecta (using the three bold words included in order)


  1. That's funny! Did you get any pictures of the the great bugs on the the Great Wall of China?

  2. How cool to have been tot he Great Wall! I love your travel theme. There is a race along hte Great Wall that I would like to do someday.
    Happy A-Z April!

  3. I have a necklace made by a dear friend whose son visited the Great Wall while on his year-long journey last year. There is a vial holding pieces of the wall. I somehow now feel closer to you. :)

  4. How cool! On two counts: 1) that you have actually been on the Great Wall of China - pictures of which I remember studying with great interest in the 4th grade geography book and 2) that you could write anything that connects those three words!

  5. This is a great story. I can see my kids feeling the exact same way very soon when they interrupt us laughing with each other. When we tell them what we are laughing about, the kids will just look at us and say, "That's not very funny." :P

  6. It's terrific that we both have personal stories to mold into trifextra pieces. Love the way you used soap and insects.

    great one

  7. I enjoyed your "G" post! How fabulous to be at the great wall, maybe not so fabulous to be with the great insects at the great wall while being pushed aside by the smelly Chinese man. :)

    from A to Z challenge

  8. Great descriptions! I swear I could almost smell that guy :)

  9. Kudos to you for blending two challenges, MOV.

    Bugs on steroids... ewww. *creepy shudder*

  10. Ouch. Yes, only funny until one bites you. Or was she insulting the guy with the camera? In which case, ugh.

  11. Thanks for linking up this weekend. We hope you can come back for the weekday challenge too. Remember to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for news on what's happening on the site.

  12. It looks like the Great Wall is built in a way to prevent invasion from the South - to prevent invasion of chineese to Mongolia and Siberia. Isn't it funny?


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