Sunday, September 22, 2013

113. Today Is September 11, 2001

At 8am, I call in a bomb threat; luckily, they believe me.  The World Trade Center sits empty when the planes hit.  Of course the passengers die, but that’s it.  Coulda been worse. 
trifecta writing challenge/ 33-word-story/ the subject is time travel

Monday, September 16, 2013

112. Over the Rainbow

You show up at the meeting because your daughter urged you to go.  You hear her voice even now, like pieces of Styrofoam deliberately being rubbed together or an unexpected chainsaw going off in your backyard:  “Mom, we can’t visit you with the house being like that.  You have a real problem.” 

She didn’t use the “H” word this time, you are relieved about that.  You like to call yourself a packrat or clutterer or even messy and disorganized.  Those words don’t have such far-reaching implications as the “H” word. 
Hoarders are sick people. 

You are not sick.  You are a collector. 
“My name is Phyllis, and I’m a clutterer,” you whisper.  The group nods encouragingly, they seem nice.  If they have a problem with too much stuff, you can’t tell.  They look normal. 

But what exactly is normal?  Is it normal to celebrate Christmas at a local hotel because the house is too full of stuff and no one can sit anywhere?  Is it normal to call a contractor to add shelves to every room in your 3000 square foot home so you can cram in more things? 
You don’t have a problem, you tell yourself.  This is Tammy’s issue.  If she doesn’t want to come with her kids to see you, that is her problem. 

“Welcome, Phyllis,” they smile.  This is their rainbow:  they will get their houses clean, their offices organized, their cars empty enough for a passenger to sit.  If they work hard enough, they can throw things away.  They can live like normal people. 
“Phyllis, what did you do today?”  the leader asks encouragingly. 

You clear your throat.  You were not expecting to be called on.  This is just like third grade.  Third grade is when your dad died, so maybe it is not like third grade. 
“I cleaned out a drawer in my kitchen,” you offer tentatively.  Applause all around.  “I even recycled a few papers.” 

They beam at you, they understand.  Tammy can go to hell.      
trifecta writing challenge/ exactly 333 words/ required word is "rainbow"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

111. Right on Target

I adore your pristine aisles
Products arranged precisely
Obsequious clerks in red and khaki
Even a Starbucks to tempt me
But mostly I love your prices
I return every week
Loyal customer forever
trifecta writing challenge/ exactly 33 words/ apostrophe (addressing a separate entity almost like a person)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

110. Friends Always Listen

Tether a crystal glass to my
Fill it with a dry martini
You earn your crown of true
As I spill my soul in your
City lights sparkling outside.

trifecta writing challenge/ the required words are in bold

Thursday, September 5, 2013

109. That Girl We All Talked About

She walks with grace, she walks with ease,
I always thought she was a sleaze.

She approached my boyfriend when we were 20,
hit him up for sex and money.
He went with her, he did, it’s true
(that’s just something he would do).

I can’t blame him, she was hot,
Ballerina body, nice and taut. 
He came back to me, after time
(Cheating is bad, but not a crime).

We almost got married, he bought me a ring,
but I broke up with him, here’s the thing:
That graceful girl he liked so much?
She responds to a woman’s touch. 

Mine, to be specific. 
Do I think she’s sleazy, now years later?
After I had a chance to actually date her?

We’re still together, I love her a lot. 
(And yes, I think she’s still quite hot.) 

(oh, fiction is so fun!!!)
trifecta writing challenge, the word is "grace"