Tuesday, April 17, 2012

47. Travel: Question Mark

Tim and I had only dated a short time when we decided to fly to London for a long weekend.  I had my flight passes, and since we lived on the East Coast, it seemed a quick hop across the pond.  Then Princess Diana had to go and die right before we were to travel out. 

We didn’t find out that all the flights were full until we got to the airport.  Flight passes mean stand-by, and stand-by means stand there and wave “bye-bye” to the paying passengers. 
Our suitcases were packed.  We were ready to go somewhere, but where? 

We looked at the board of flights. 

No, we hadn’t packed swimsuits and shorts.  Chicago? 
Been there.  Boston?  Done that.  L.A.? 
That was home.  Where should we go? 
We picked Seattle. 

We got the last two seats on the last flight out. 

I had lived in Seattle for one year when I was just out of college.  I was anxious to show Tim my former home. 
We gobbled up the city like we might never eat again.     

We played tourist, going up in the iconic Space Needle.
We went to Pike’s Place Market. 
We took the ferry to Bainbridge Island. 

We walked along Alki Beach. 

We ate seafood. 
We went antiquing at the Seattle Antiques Market. 

We ate ice cream. 
We fell in love. 


  1. First off, how did you get ahead? I thought today was "O." NO? Anyway, love the photos! I also love your photos of New Orleans -- they could be postcards.

  2. LOVED this post - I like how you started out - how dare the princess have the nerve to go and die and wreck your plans! I have spent a couple of long weekends in Seattle and got a kick out of your photos - sweet reminders of some good times. maybe I need to go back there again this summer..... I am looking for a summer adventure - last summer it was Portland - alone and just for fun -- I want to go to Chicago but I want that guide who is familiar with the city to go with me -- haven't got that arranged yet...

  3. ....I see how you got to Q so quickly - you skipped 'post-free Sundays', right?

    I like the look of Seattle - it has always appealed, in the same way that Maine attracts! (Thankfully, I have cousins in NH whom I visited from the UK a little while back and they indulged me with a long weekend in Maine...) ;-)

    London will still be here when and if you ever decide to visit - I think you got the best of a bad deal anyway; London was a sad and sombre place to be at that time.

    Happy A-Z'ing!

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!
    Twitter - @Librarymaid

  4. How refreshing! Seattle looks so clean. I have always wanted to go there. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed that! I love a story in pictures. Alki Beach looks nice. What a happy ending. So it was meant to be. You didn't need death when love was blooming.

  5. Sounds like a great trip. I love the PNW.

  6. I think that out of all the west coast cities, Settle is the only one I think I would want to visit. But I'm a bit to nervous about the volcano in their backyard so I will enjoy the city though osmosis and photos! Which, by the way, are great! And it's a great story too!

  7. I've been to Seattle, but not PROPERLY. I have never been able to explore the city as I want to.



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