Tuesday, April 10, 2012

40. Travel: Jenny Lake, Wyoming

I have a confession to make:  I’ve never been to Jenny Lake.  My boyfriend and I were supposed to go there (this is a million years ago before we got married).  I called some amazing resort I had seen in a travel magazine and booked us a room, but then could not get flights. 

Could not get flights.  How can a person not get flights?  Who knows—but there were no flights available.  I called about a dozen different airlines, and the answer was always the same, We’re booked, So sorry, Please try another day. 

With no way to get there, I was forced to cancel the hotel reservation.  “I apologize, but I have to cancel.  We couldn’t get flights.” 
The girl on the phone did not take it well.  “You … you don’t want to come to Jenny Lake?  Was it something I said?  How can I get you to change your mind?”  Somehow she represented all that was Jenny Lake and she took the rejection personally.    

I wanted to tell her I was not breaking up with the hotel, the airline had broken up with me.  I was a victim of circumstance. 
“No, no, miss, please do not misunderstand,” I begged, “I do want to come to Jenny Lake, it’s just the airline has no flights.” 

“You’re making excuses,” she huffed, “and that one is not even believable.  How naïve do you think I am?” 
“I promise it’s true!  Why would I make it up?  I want to come to Jenny Lake, I really do!” 

She turned all business, her voice now sounding robotic:  Fine.  Reservation number, please?” 
I gave her the number and she finally cancelled my request. 

I still wonder what I missed out on. 



  1. My wife's a travel agent....so I know what you say can be true! :)

  2. Maybe a travel agent could have coordinated the flight and the visit to Jenny Lake. Sorry you missed the experience. ;(
    Best regards to you. Ruby

  3. That looks breath taking. Too bad, you did not get to book a flight. Sorry. I would keep trying, book a flight first then the hotel. If hotels are booked I would rent a van and take rest and sleep in the van.

  4. I've been to Jackson Hole and it was beautiful! I highly suggest keeping it on your places to visit.

    Now following from the A-Z challenge

  5. I want to go to Jenny Lake! Of course, this is the first time I have ever heard of it but still......

  6. I HAVE been to Jenny Lake. We took a boat across it to a trailhead for a waterfall, hiked to the waterfall and then hiked around the lake. It is lovely. You must try again!



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