Thursday, April 12, 2012

42. Travel: London

Running, running, running, along the Thames … who cares if it’s raining, you’re in London. 

Big Ben, National Gallery, Harrods … inhale it all, you’re in London.
Plays, musicals, world class theater … you are a better person now, you’re in London. 
Lost, turned around, can’t find your Tube stop … relax, someone will help you, you’re in London. 
Need a break, need something special … it’s all there for you, you’re in London. 

A beautiful black cab takes you where you want to go … you’re already here:  you’re in London. 


  1. You've made London look tempting.

  2. Awesome!

    Once, I got lost on the Tube and almost missed my flight. o_O

    But I kept calm and carried on. ;)

  3. I was able to visit London for one, glorious day for my MFA residency. I would love to go back to take it all in again. :)

  4. I went to London when I was in seventh grade, a long, long time ago. This post brings back great memories. Love your theme!!

    Just a Nice Girl

  5. I got to go to London last summer, a lifelong dream! thanks for the memories! :)

  6. I love reading non-Londoners' appreciations of London! Although I'm not actually a Londoner (I was born about 45 minutes north of London and spent my teenage/student years with my parents living 50 minutes south), it's a place I know well and love. But that familiarity has taken the sparkle off. And your lovely post just put it back - I rarely go there now (I live in the south of France) but am now aching to do so!
    Thank you!


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