Thursday, April 19, 2012

49. Travel: Sydney

You won’t be surprised that I picked Sydney for “S.” 

From Los Angeles (where I was based as a flight attendant), it is a looooooooooooooong flight.  Think the longest amount of time you could stand to be trapped in a metal tube at 35,000 feet hurling through the sky at 500 miles per hour with 465 complete strangers.      

The flight takes approximately 67 hours.  Give or take a few minutes. 

I have been to Sydney several times, and every time I love it just a little bit more.   
Of course, it is imperative to visit the iconic Sydney Opera House. 
Once, my sister and I were there at Christmas time and went to hear a performance.  The Opera House has several distinct concert halls, and they are expertly designed so that every seat is acoustically pleasing. 

I went for a long run through the Royal Botanic Gardens the next day.

Sydney is like that really annoying girl you went to high school with who never takes a bad picture.  Sydney's middle name is "Photogenic."   
We went shopping in the stunning Queen Victoria Building. 
We stopped for a healthy snack. 

We went on a ferry boat around the harbor.  

We went to the Taronga Zoo.

I love Sydney!  I can't wait to go back! 


  1. Yeah, that travel time is a major stumbling block preventing me from dreaming of a trip to Sydney, but your pictures surely tempt me to rethink.

  2. 67 hours!! Are you finding out if we're really reading? That's 2-1/2 days. That can't be right. A jet wouldn't have that much fuel. Bob and I are scratching our heads trying to figure that one out. Is that correct?? We're planning a trip to Australia Feb. 2013.

    1. more like 15 hours. but I could feel the minutes chipping away at my soul.................

      somehow, 67 hours seems quite accurate.


  3. You must be a new reader. MOV exaggerates on occasion, so I dont think I'd plan your snacks and reading for a 2 1/2 day flight

  4. I was thinking that about the time but its MOV's humour - sure feels like that long...10 hours more like!! Great shots - for the first time I want to go too..

  5. I'm lovin' your travel posts! :)

    PS, did you ask about the Word Clouds? You can make them here:

    Fun, but a real time suck if you're not mindful!

  6. Someday I'll make the trip but 67 hours?? Whoa! It was 24 hours to Japan from Florida and would have to mentally prepare for a 67-hour flight. But, your photos show it's worth the trip.

  7. OMG these comments are almost funnier than the blog! I should correct you all, it's actually 68 1/2 hours. And make sure to fly Oceanic airlines ;)

  8. Another blog! - 74th member? Marianne is 4th! How slow am I?!
    I come from Sydney!!

  9. I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.
    I travel for travels sake.
    The great affair is to move


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