Sunday, October 27, 2013

116. Do You Know This Beast, Too?

My Beast beckons at dawn
with siren song,
I succumb to her magic
(It’s quite tragic)

Smells draw me in
Caffeine’s my sin.
I go there daily,
she squeals gaily:
“Welcome to Starbucks!”

trifecta writing challenge/ an unusual beast in 33 words

Friday, October 18, 2013

115. Remember You Are Bigger Than It Is


“Don’t be afraid,” said my mom.  I think I was three at the time.  “It’s just a feather.” 

“Does it got eyes?” I replied warily. 
Years later, I take her advice.  Fear gone. 

trifecta writing challenge:  33 words about what scares you

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

114. Why Do Things Like This Happen to Me?

“Next!” called the barista. 

“I’ll have a tall latte, please,” I announced. 
The girl motioned to the customer behind me.  I started to interrupt and say that it was my turn, but when I happened to glance at the mirror behind the counter, I noticed I wasn’t there. 

Great, I thought, third time this week.  It sucks being invisible. 
When I first told Mike about it, he said it was impossible.  But then he was with me last time it happened. 

“Don’t worry, babe,” he’d consoled me, “I’ve got your back.” 
Tough to do when you can’t see it.    

trifecta writing challenge/ exactly 99 words/ specific word used is "back"