Thursday, February 2, 2012

2. President's Day

The face of the President was burned in her mind, the victory of their stolen hours together made her blush.  He once gave her a snapshot of himself as a child posing with his youthful grandfather.  They were standing by a lake, holding up fish they had caught; how utterly dull.  She still had the picture (the lawyers didn’t know she had it so they’d never asked for it); she held it close to her face and studied it.  He is the image of his grandfather, if we get married and have a son, our son will look like this, too. 
She flipped over the photo and read the inscription in his messy scrawl:  For My Dearest Monica, You mean the world to me!  It was such a trite expression, but she knew he was sincere.  And he’d drawn a heart around her name, a small gesture that meant a lot.  I will reel him in, she thought, just like he reeled in that fish.      
(*yet another entry for the trifecta contest.  required word:  image)


  1. It's been so long since I've thought of Monica. I like that you brought me back there. I really like the fish detail, and I'm chuckling at the thought of Bill drawing hearts around names. Nicely done. Come back on Friday for the weekend challenge, ok?

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! it was a fun one to write.

  3. lol - poor, poor Monica. BC is the one who did the reeling, I think.

    Great job

  4. Not sure who did the reeling in that one...probably the press. Interesting piece.


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