Friday, August 30, 2013

108. Life's Great Mysteries

I drove past the gym,
It was a sunny day out,
Gym rats on treadmills.

(and here is a bonus haiku I dreamt up:)

Pancakes for breakfast!
Happy noise in the kitchen
Oops—out of syrup

(oh what the heck, have another!)

My feet are pounding
Running closer to my goal
Marathon next week!

(last one, I swear!)

Kids sleep, husband types.
I read my book undisturbed
A peaceful evening.

trifecta Haiku (by the way, the title only refers to the first haiku, which is the one I am entering for the trifecta challenge........... the others were just for fun)


  1. I love the title as well as the haiku. Great image!

  2. Ahh I get the point... run into the woods... (but you were driving :-))

  3. As a personal trainer/martial arts instructor this cracked me up...I will never allow clients to train on gym equipment....all we need is our bodys and nature! Great picture!

  4. Lovely visual!
    Why don't they just run outside?

  5. hehehe....this reminded me of a funny youtube video I saw the other day...three cute dachshunds walking together on a treadmill. Who wants to spend a gorgeous day walking on a tredmill? I can think of a million other things I'd rather walk to on such a day! Great words for lazy writers!!!! :)

  6. Isn't this the truth! Fresh air and sidewalks don't cost a thing:)

    Very well said haiku!

  7. Haha! Who'd be in the gym on a beautiful day outside!?

  8. Driving past the gym rats, lol. Funny.

  9. Gym rats, indeed. I loathe indoor exercise on machines. But hey, at least they were exercising, right? :-) Thanks for linking up.


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