Thursday, September 5, 2013

109. That Girl We All Talked About

She walks with grace, she walks with ease,
I always thought she was a sleaze.

She approached my boyfriend when we were 20,
hit him up for sex and money.
He went with her, he did, it’s true
(that’s just something he would do).

I can’t blame him, she was hot,
Ballerina body, nice and taut. 
He came back to me, after time
(Cheating is bad, but not a crime).

We almost got married, he bought me a ring,
but I broke up with him, here’s the thing:
That graceful girl he liked so much?
She responds to a woman’s touch. 

Mine, to be specific. 
Do I think she’s sleazy, now years later?
After I had a chance to actually date her?

We’re still together, I love her a lot. 
(And yes, I think she’s still quite hot.) 

(oh, fiction is so fun!!!)
trifecta writing challenge, the word is "grace"


  1. Fun indeed.
    I am smiling in appreciation.

  2. What's good for the goose is good for the gander?

    1. What's good for the gander is better for the goose apparently :)

  3. Poetic justice of a sort?;-)Loved it :D

  4. Brilliance :) Well played lady well played.

  5. Whoa! Didn't see that coming--which makes this piece even more fabulous. It flows so well and was a blast to read. Great job!

  6. Well that took an unexpected turn! I'm still not sure if I should feel bad for the boyfriend or not, ha!
    Thank you for linking up. Please remember to return for the voting!

  7. I like the twist. It's very funny.


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