Sunday, September 2, 2012

81. Three Little Words (Four)

Robert Frost once said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about driving:  staying awake helps. 
Art:  drawn by me
But:  wait!  There’s more!  (Not for the contest; they're just for fun.)

·         Proofreading:  not realy neccesary  

·         Dogs:  furry unconditional love  

·         Spontaneity:  better when planned 

·         Sports:  playing trumps watching

·         Fire:  don’t play with

·         Money:  fun to spend

·         Chocolate:  craved all day    

·         Wine:  helpful social lubricant   

·         Travel:  buy a map

·         Science:  all about catalysts

·         Children:  can teach adults

·         Computers:  back-up your files!

·         Parties:  be fashionably late

·         Virgos:  like things neat

·         Fashion:  short skirts rock

·         Exercise:  it takes effort

·         Diets:  they never work

·         School:  follow the rules

·         TV:  waste of time

·         Religion:  causes most wars

·         Investing:  pays you dividends

·         Weddings:  fun to crash 

·         Drugs:  can ruin lives

·         Cancer:  kills good people

·         Death:  sorrow never fades

·         Repetition:  sign of laziness

·         Hoarding:  buries emotional issues

·         Repetition:  sign of laziness

·         Hawaii:  tropical paradise found

·         Sleep:  kids steal it

·         Humor:  motivates my writing


This was another Trifecta writing challenge.  I would love to know which one on my list YOU like best!    


  1. Wow - You've been busy. Also: money, kids borrow it.

  2. Staying awake is highly recommended! ;) I remember a few nights in college... Good one!

  3. haha, there have been some late nights from work that i've had to remind myself of that!
    and i have to argue with the whole not playing with fire... lol

  4. nice list. The most important is the first. :) (I can get a good night's sleep and still be drowsy while driving. One of the reasons I like to stop frequently and take pictures.)

  5. I love it! "driving: staying awake helps."
    Great job

  6. Staying awake = important. But love "Wine: helpful social lubricant" but wine helps with everything, IMO!!!

  7. I liked religion and hoarding from your list. Also, I disagreed with Proofreading not being necessary. Typos annoy me to bits, and clarification is definitely important in a text, something that might not come through an unproofed text. Just saying.

    But good post. An entertaining read.

    1. thanks! I actually put the one about proofreading as a joke (implying that it IS necessary), hence the two misspellings: "not realy neccesary".

  8. By the way, just thought of another one:

    Numbers: they never lie.

  9. Which one on the list I like best? All of them? This was beyond amazing... Kudos to you!

  10. Diets? They never work. Unless they are of Worms.

    If these are all yours, you did well.

    1. oh, yeah, they are all mine. I was driving in the car and became obsessed with the challenge-- thinking, thinking, thinking. Had to pull over and write some of them down.

  11. My fave was wine: helpful social lubricant.

  12. Wow! You went to TOWN! All of them are great! Repetition: kids dig it. Proofreading was my favorite. :)

  13. Great list! I laughed at the proofreading and repetition ones.

  14. I think the proofreading was my favorite, too. Lots of fun responses to the prompt. Thanks for linking up!

  15. This is great! I want to try this. Favorites? Driving! Religion!
    how about Laugher: best cure ever

  16. Very funny...I wouldn't be able to pick out the best. They are all great.

  17. Two favorites:
    Serious - religion
    Funy - Profreeding


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