Friday, September 7, 2012

83. Untitled

The last strains of sunlight
          lingered in the corners,
                grasping every available point
                      of refraction.

                                             She slid her fingertips
                                                   along the glass
                                                            if this was all there ever was.

                                                                               Or could be.

Paul approached her,
      began to caress her shoulders
               the way he did
                        before they married.

                                "Awfully quiet, Regina?"
                                               more than statement.

                                                       "I still miss him," wept Regina,
"Max was a good fish."

trifecta writing challenge:  finish the story


  1. HAHAHAHHAA SNORT HAHAHAHA!!! Killed it hahahaha!!! i mean loved it!!!

  2. I have inherited a Beta fish since may daughter left for school and she keeps asking if Henrietta is Still alive. I fear someday the toilet and having to answering that question! Very fun, MOV!

  3. First allow me to express my most sincere condolences for the beloved family goldfish, then move on to congratulate you at saving the holy grail of absurdity. Thank you :D

  4. I'd like to ditto Weissdorn's most excellent commentary on your most excellent piece of a fish story that I almost ever read or heard. Ha. Great job!!!!!!! Randy

  5. Excellent little fish story. Ah, poor Max. Tee hee, that drawing is so much fun.

  6. So sorry to read about the fish that got away! So long Max. Great take!

  7. Wonderful take. Everyone enjoys a good fish tale!

  8. I was flushed with excitement reading this! :D

  9. So sorry about Max, but what a great way to creat something beautiful out of that loss.
    Creativity always promotes healing,
    Well done.
    Peace and light,
    Amy @BettyRants

  10. Oh, boy. We've had many a fish loss here. Nicely done. Sorry about Max.

  11. Oh, jeez - here I was thinking it was another sentimental, romantic piece... If I'd been drinking, my monitor would be soaked. :)

  12. We've lost fish, also. (Well, we didn't lose them, really...we knew exactly where they were...they just died.) It's not easy. I had no idea such a bond could be formed with a creature that we couldn't hold. I'm sorry for your loss.

  13. Talk about things not being as they seem. LOL! I wasn't expecting that. Great job. Sorry about the loss of the fish though.

  14. I love this. Definate suprise ending.

  15. Hahahahahah! :D This was awesome :D Although poor fish :(

  16. Nice writing. I like the quirkiness.


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