Friday, June 15, 2012

67. Smarter Than I Look

When my mommy thought I was napping, I took that calf to the side of the road and left it there.  I had wanted a kitten for a pet, and she knew it. 

trifecta writing challenge:  photo prompt in 33 words


  1. When she couldn't find the cow, she called the county trustees and put out a notice, but it never did come home. I never did get my kitten.

    1. I so enjoyed this entry and your observation on this one Jessie.

  2. Mom should have listened to me - "here, heifer, heifer, heifer just does NOT have the same ring as here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

  3. Oh, love this lol! My boys only get gerbils. And a frog.

  4. Nice take on this!! Different!

  5. I would do the same because I always ask for puppies. Hope mommy wasn't mad!

  6. Oh, I loved this. But I'd take the cow over the cat any day.

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  8. I am now reinterpreting the shy little half-smile on the girl's face. :)


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