Sunday, March 18, 2012

24. LOST

I wish he’d call me, does he like me? He is so cute.  Wow.  I wonder if he’s thinking about me right now, I hope that—

“Caitlyn?  The answer to number 33 please?” 

trifecta challenge, 33 words imply LOST 


  1. I'm put in mind of a song that was popular when I was (much) younger: Young love, first love . . .


  2. I like "number 33!" Takes me back to those lovely teenage years...

  3. I like this one I remember thinking these exact thoughts. Nicely done!

  4. Cute. Darn that teacher breaking the train of thought.

  5. Ha, I love your sense of humour, MOV. And I love how you managed to squeeze 33 into your response. I guess we'll never find out if he does like her? Thanks for linking up

  6. Love this one! I almost didn't see it, there were so many this week. Great interpretation of the prompt!

  7. Ha! You must be in my (middle school) world!


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