Saturday, March 3, 2012

18. Life and Death

The phone rang at 4am.   
“You’re a grandpa!”
“Oh!  Really?”
“A girl.  We named her Iris … after Mom.”
He held back his tears.  “Thank you.  That means a lot.”
He was glad he’d left the phone on. 

33 words, starting with "The phone rang at 4am."


  1. Aw, Grandpa. A sweet consolation after a sad loss. I bet he was glad in more than one way.
    Came from the Trifextra linkup.

  2. Beautiful snippet of a wonderful moment!

  3. A little mini story in just a few words. Perfect.

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to Trifextra. Remember, this weekend’s entries are being judged by the Trifecta community, so make sure you visit the site at the close of the challenge to vote. Our linking service will not allow you to vote for a link from the same computer where it was submitted, so plan ahead! Voting closes 12 hours after the close of the challenge. Winners will be announced with the Monday post. Hope to see you back then.

  5. thanks to all who wrote! I appreciate your kind words about my story.


  6. Oh I like this one!! So sweet.

  7. Something unsaid alludes to so much. Nicely done.

  8. The 33-word stories seemed like a neat challenge. My A to Z posts las years consisted of 50-word stories about situations and events in the nursing home. Then my A-Z challenge became a little book :-)

    I love this story.



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