Friday, October 18, 2013

115. Remember You Are Bigger Than It Is


“Don’t be afraid,” said my mom.  I think I was three at the time.  “It’s just a feather.” 

“Does it got eyes?” I replied warily. 
Years later, I take her advice.  Fear gone. 

trifecta writing challenge:  33 words about what scares you


  1. Smart woman! Good piece!

  2. love. haha the kid's voice! :D

  3. Love "does it got eyes?' If it has eyes, than bigger than it thing, doesn't quite make it harmless. But I am getting better about it...

  4. it was good to read it from that POV, always a caveat, right?
    Does it hurt?
    Does it have eyes?
    Is it bigger than me?

    and when it comes to the BIG fears, maybe it is easier to remind ourselves that some things are just as afraid, that maybe they are looking at us the same way.

    nice response to the prompt.

  5. This made me smile. "Does it got eyes?" is perfect for a child's POV!

  6. Perfect capture of voice in 33!
    You so nailed it with Does it got eyes.
    Also love that the advice was taken years later : )

  7. As the others said, love the child's pov. Clever writing.

  8. Sometimes moms get it right. We just don't hear it at the time!

  9. Great voice. Can you please come tell my daughter not to be afraid? She's not listening to me. :-) Thanks for linking up. Don't forget to vote.

  10. It is shame mom can't work her magic later in life. I love the doubting question.


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