Friday, October 12, 2012

86. My Brother

“On the count of three…”

Mom said to me,
I was bursting with excitement—
My brother ran
False start again
Tripping me as he went. 
“Ha! You’re beat!”
said his look,
But he’s a cheat
in my book.  
trifecta writing challenge:  the prompt is "On the count of three"  


  1. Body language shows tripped on purpose ;-)

  2. hahahaha ah, brotherly love :3

  3. Cute poem, I love it.

  4. Haha. I've seen that at the Olympics too!

  5. Very cute, MOV. Kids still play in the yard???
    Who knew? It been so long since I had kids that age, I had heard all they do is play video games. Someone misinformed me. (seriously, your guys are cute)

  6. Sisterly love as well. This happened between my sister and I many times. Great job.

  7. Oh my goodness, that photo could be of my own sons. They are so competitive and thrive on besting the other one!

    Your poem perfectly describes the thoughts of the 'downed' boy.

  8. This is probably wrong to admit but I think when I was younger I also cheated a time or two with my brother. I never pushed him down but definitely won without earning it. I thought your take on the 33 words was great! Oh, and I'm no longer a cheater but have found that not everyone subscribes to that as an adult. If only it was ok to yell fair and square at someone these days in the office... :)

  9. There need to be more referees in life, especially with siblings.
    Well done, and the picture was great ;)

  10. Siblings. Yeesh!

    Great tale ...


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